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Vera Wang, the queen of wedding dresses

Le 9 December 2015, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

Vera Wang, the queen of red-carpet simple wedding dresses uk, didn’t go into the fashion business with stars in her eyes . She knew about its unglamorous side, the hard work and, especially, the risks. And there were plenty of doubts along the way.

      But every time one person—and, she says, it really just takes one—understands what she’s trying to express with a certain design, she’s reminded of the reason why she became involved in fashion, and why she’s still in it: there’s an indefinable payoff that comes when she’s helped a woman look and feel her best.

      Wang, 63, was honored for lifetime achievement by the Council of Fashion Designers of America on June, 2013 at its prestigious awards show, which is often called “the Oscars of fashion.”

      “To all the women and men I have  dressed, thank you for your trust,” she said after accepting the award from her mentor and former employer Ralph Lauren.

      There’s rarely a Hollywood event or an A-list wedding where Wang’s name doesn’t come up. Her hit designs include the lavender skirt actress Sharon Stone paired with a Gap shirt at the Oscars in 1998 and Chelsea Clinton’s crystal-waistband wedding gown in 2010.

      Wang also has two lower-priced lines . She’s developed a fragrance business and home-goods collection. And she has a branded flower bouquet business.lace wedding dresses uk

      Wang wasn’t always sure this would be her path. She studied art history at Sarah Lawrence College and was a competitive figure skater in contention for a spot on the 1968 U.S. Olympic team. Her family wasn’t initially supportive of fashion as a career path, and although they had some financial means, they didn’t back her at first. So she went to work as an editor at Vogue, and then at Ralph Lauren, before launching her company in 1990 as a bridal brand. She earned fame and respect through hard work.

      Her mentor described Wang as “a unique young woman filled with a rare passion for fashion.” “In all the years since, I have watched her drive, dedication and talent shape an entire world inspired by her own life—first as a bride, then as a wife and mother,lace wedding dresses uk but always as a strong and beautiful woman,” Lauren said.

4 years old, she designed the wedding dress her yourself !

Le 4 December 2015, 09:46 dans wedding 0

With scissors, paper, glue can spell T station with the little designer of beach wedding dresses uk Mayhem! Want to know how she normally is created it? Want to know which paper dresses aiming to do after it? Mayhem's mother let it all right for us to Secret!

Four-year-old Mayhem has a pure sweet smile and unparalleled creativity! Her own living room window is a man of super show!

But, you know, the little girl clothes design also includes the beach wedding dresses mostly with drawing paper, toilet paper, gift bags, tape or glue a collage made.

In order to encourage creative passion daughter, now, Mayhem mother had at home, create a little "design studio" for her, proud of the wall pasted with Mayhem wedding work.


Many people have wondered, Mayhem's mother is a fashion designer herself whether or tailor? In this regard, Mayhem mother jokes that he is no design talent in the past, even in the straight line connecting the machine ran out!

Typically, after a piece of clothing made good Mayhem design, mother will help them stick together, sometimes half an hour or an hour, and sometimes it would take three or four hours, after all, for a limited period of four years mindfulness to childrenHe said independently whole piece is still quite difficult.

Let us enjoy her work it!